"Safety comes first" is not just a cliche at CTI; it's a way of life. We believe that a safe company is a profitable one and provides you, the shipper, with the peace of mind that your product will be delivered without incident.

A good safety program starts with the driver - competent, qualified drivers. Our hiring criteria are stringent and set the standard in the cryogenic industry.

Next comes training. We believe in a strong training program and want to create an environment where every driver feels comfortable with the products prior to his/her first delivery. We have revamped our training program, standardized the process, and hired four driver trainers - one for each region - to ensure the quality and competency of our driver force.

Lastly comes safety from the top down. We stress safety day in and day out, through our monthly safety bulletins, safety meetings, safety review board, and annual safety awards program.

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